Chadron Police to conduct speed testing to increase safety

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CHADRON, Neb. - (KNEP) - Chadron Police Department will utilize their speed trailer to slow motorists down and reduce accidents while increasing road safety.

Chadron Police is working to increase road safety and reduce accidents (Source Chadron Police Department)

According to Chief Tim Lordino, the department will monitor several areas in Chadron over the next few months. A speed trailer collects the time of day, specific number of cars and the speeds those cars are traveling in that area.

Once the data is collected, officers will then conduct speed enforcement patrols in those areas. They will issue warnings and citations to those violating the posted speed limit.

The department is asking the public to notify them if you have an area in Chadron that you believe has a speeding issue. Contact them and let them know by calling 308-432-0510.