Chadron Primary to implement new drop-off pick-up procedure

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CHADRON, Neb. - (KNEP) - Chadron Primary School implements a new drop-off procedure for parents during the upcoming school year.

Chadron Primary to implement new drop-off and pick-up procedures (Source KNEP)

According to Principal Libby Uhing, she found out about the Stop, Drop and Roll idea from a school district in Montana. It has been in place there for a couple of years now. The idea is to stop the car in front of the school drop your child off without getting out of the car and be on your way.

Uhing stated she and the rest of her staff have been looking for ways to help create better traffic flow during drop-offs and pick-ups. She added some parents may want to get out of the car and say goodbye to their child or end up heading into the school just to talk to a teacher for a few minutes. By doing that, the staff noticed traffic would back up on streets near the school and force parents to have to wait when they may have somewhere they need to be.

Staff and the school’s resource officer will be out supervising, like they always are, and are more than willing to help open car doors for kids or help them unbuckle their safety belts and car seats.

Uhing stated the Chadron Schools as a whole prides themselves and are known for the safety of their kids. A concern and fear they had, is that one day a student would get injured while walking into school. This will help elevate that fear.

Now, if you would like to get out of your car, the school is providing parking on Shelton, Ann and 7th Street. If you have to run in and talk to someone or would like to help your child out of the car, Uhing states you are more than welcome to do that on those designated streets. She adds they would like to keep the parking lots on the east side of the school as staff parking only.

This does not mean you can’t put your vehicle in park. Uhing states the idea is to not have parents get out of their car and make it faster for all the students to be dropped off. With that said, if a parent is concerned their foot may slide off the break by reaching in the back to say goodbye to their child or for whatever reason it may be, you can put the vehicle in park.

Wednesday morning will be the first test of this new Stop, Drop and Roll procedure and Uhing states it may help if parents come a little early. They will also have early dismissal the first three days of class at 1:30p. Uhing mentioned her staff was welcoming to the idea when she presented it and imagines there may be a few hiccups. She added the school district she got the information from told her, after a while kids were even telling their parents, ‘now remember you have to stop, drop and roll.’