City of Alliance offers solar energy option

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ALLIANCE, Neb. The City of Alliance hosted a presentation Tuesday night on solar energy.

They explained the equipment, net metering and the State Electrical requirements associated with solar generation.

If a homeowner is interested, they first have to have an Inner Connection Agreement.

They will also have to make sure their equipment is capable.

Along with that, it has to be approved by Building and Zoning to see where it will be centered.

Locations include roofs, yards and more.

The homeowner will also need to utilize city and utility power for the peak times when the sun is not producing enough.

Electric Superintendent Kirby Bridge states that solar power is becoming more financially feasible.

“It can help reduce their bill,” said Bridge. “Normally on a good day, the solar panels are going to produce the most good during the middle of the day and help reduce your electric bill.”

Homeowners will need to add shut offs and disconnects just in case of fires.

They will need to let fire personnel and service workers know how it works.