City of Gering urge residents to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks

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GERING, Neb. The City of Gering is reminding the public that their snow removal ordinance is in full swing.

Owners and occupants have 12 hours after cessation of a storm to clean snow, sleet, mud and ice off of the sidewalks. If found guilty, you will be fined $100.00. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

The conditions of the ordinance are as follows:
It shall be unlawful for the occupant of any lot or lots, or the owner of any vacant lot or lots within the corporate limits of the City of Gering, Nebraska, to allow snow, sleet, mud, ice or other substance to accumulate on the sidewalk contiguous thereto, or to permit any hard trodden snow, sleet, ice, mud or other substances to remain upon said sidewalk; but such sidewalk shall be cleaned within twelve (12) hours after the cessation of a storm. In addition, any snow, sleet, ice, mud or other substance which remains on a sidewalk contrary to the provisions of this section is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, in the discretion of Gering Transportation Superintendent or other agent of the City.

Any owner or occupant who fails to clean off and remove the above will be deemed guilty of an infraction and fined $100.00.