College students host rally to become a tobacco free campus

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. The Western Nebraska Community College’s students from Don’t Kill the Cat provided a truth rally centered on their college becoming a tobacco free campus.

The event provides a smokeless tobacco table, a foul nasty mouth display and much more.

As of right now, there are tobacco designated areas on campus that they would like to see disappear.

Tobacco use can lead to tongue cancer, lip cancer, mouth decay, teeth decay and gingivitis.

They also introduced students to third hand smoke. Third hand smoke is residue left on walls, chairs and more.

“This is not just a fad that somebody is going to go through,” said Kelly Johnson, Truth Leader. “It is something that actually affects us in the real world. It is an actual cause of death, cancer, stroke and it can lead to further problems later in life.”

These students feel that a tobacco free campus would be a better campus.

“We are not telling people that they can’t smoke,” said Gabriella Rodriguez, Truth Leader. “It gives them a way to think that maybe since it is changing, it will help them want to make a change in themselves. It also helps offer students who do not smoke an option who have to go through second-hand smoke.”

The students will present the proposed policy to the Board of Governors next week.

They hope to have this policy in effect by July.