Construction underway for Bayard city pool

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BAYARD, Neb. Construction has officially begun on the city pool in Bayard.

Mike Peterson from The Strip Shop was hired to do the job.

The pool with be media blasted, resealed and painted.

It will first start by being media blasted with crusted glass in a dustless blaster. It will use water to keep dust down under pressure.

It will then be sealed with Sani-tred and Permaflex. The pool with receive a primer coat of liquid rubber which will soak into the concrete and bond.

Next, LRV liquid rubber will seal all cracks. It will be placed on vertical cracks without running out.

Lastly, Peterson will go back over it with PRV and use two part proxy paint. It will be a dark blue color.

“When I came across this product and was looking at it, I decided that I will jump on it and probably see what I can do,” explained Michael Peterson, Owner of the Strip Shop.

The challenges of this project include getting everything lined up, working on bids, multiple city council meetings and hiring an attorney to go over the contract.

The overall bid for this project is $54,900 which includes labor and materials.

Peterson says reconstruction of the pool would be cheaper than building a brand new one.

“Big price difference for small towns that don’t have that revenue to work with to be able to repair their pools and keep them updated,” explained Peterson.

The pool is 40 by 110 with an 11 foot deep in.

The kitty pool is 20 by 30.

Peterson says you need amenities for children to keep them out of trouble.

“Small towns are running out of things for kids and younger people to do,” said Peterson. “Without the pool, there is not much more to do in Bayard. It keeps them out of trouble.”

Peterson is working Monday through Saturday with occasional Sundays to get this project completed by June 1st.

Peterson says he might be looking for help in the near future with clean up and keeping sand pots full.

The City is looking to hire lifeguards, a manager and assistant manager.

You can head to the City Offices to apply.