Covid-19 Testing is Complete in Scottsbluff

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) Covid-19 testing is ramping up across the state of Nebraska as phases of reopening are underway.
A testing site opened in Scottsbluff along 18 West 16th Street at the Panhandle Public Health District, bringing with it approximately 600 tests.
The site was open on Thursday and Friday from eight in the morning until eleven in the morning, and reopened again at three in the afternoon until six in the evening.

The Panhandle Public Health District on the final day of the Coivd-19 testing site. (source: KNEP)

Kim Engel, the director of the Panhandle Public health District tells a reporter with NBC Nebraska Scottsbluff that out of the 600 tests, 411 were administrated, explaining, "We will know the results of those tests in 48 to 72 hours from now".

Those who were tested at the site were only tested due to their online forum provided by The campaign to help provide Nebraskans better tests and another way to help slow the curve.

The testing site at Scottsbluff had a helping hand from the Nebraska National Guard, Troopers from the Nebraska State Patrol Troops A through E, the Scottsbluff County Health District, and of course, Scottsbluff's very own.

The testing site is helpful, but sadly, was not helpful to some businesses in the area, such as 16th Empire as road closures and what seemed to be, heavy police presence, caught all who passed by's, attention.

If you have any signs or symptoms the best thing you should do is call your healthcare provider and follow-up with the Panhandle Public Health District before taking to the virtual test at

If you do take the test and your symptoms equate to those that involve more suspicion of the virus, you will be directed to any of the provided Covid-19 testing, drive-thru locations.

In other news, some of the community have speculated that the health officials are withholding and skewing the results of Covid-19 in the panhandle. Engel had this to say, "You know, I have heard that too. I can't understand what other information we could give because as soon as we get it, we push it out to the media and push it out to Facebook and so, I guess I don't understand what they mean by hiding information because we're not doing it."