Creators look back on the success of the first bands on broadway series

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - Creators of the Bands on Broadway Concert Series say it was a success and look forward to building off the first year.

residents come out for the first Bands on Broadway concert (Source KNEP)

According to City of Scottsbluff Economic Development Director Starr Lehl and Richard Castro they were excited to see as many people come out as there were. Castro added it was amazing to see as many kids and families out as they did and it seemed like the crowds grew each week.

The six-week series was built to allow people to do something in the community. Lehl said it was less about the economic impact for the community and more about having a good time, bringing people together and listening to some music.

Castro seconded that and said he thought it was a great mix to experiment with local and professional bands. He could tell when the crowd was really getting into it because they were closer to the stage and dancing more. He thinks in the future they could look at other genres such as jazz and thought having an actual stage brought more of a professional look to it.

During planning, the two were told a similar type of event failed in the past and they were unsure if they should actually go through with the project. Lehl stated she is glad they stuck through it and with the crowds they got, it shows something like this is needed for the city.

Now with the first one under their belt, they are looking at the future and stated some people were asking if they could extend it. Lehl mentioned they may look at starting a week earlier and ending a week later and having an eight-week series.

The two are hoping to also see some upgrades to the plaza which would include fencing and more grassy and shaded areas. It is unknown when or if any renovations will be made but Lehl said it has been talked about. Castro added they may look at adding more professional bands as well.

With the success of this venture, she is already onto the next. Not only is she willing to work on next year’s concert series but in short-term she is hoping to get off the ground a Food Truck Fridays event this September. Lehl added it would include various food trucks and an open mic for people to come out enjoy music and good food.