Cutting hair to build a memorial dog park for Candy Thompson

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TORRINGTON, Wyo. Candy Thompson was very well known in the community for her kindness and always wanting to help dogs in need.

Thompson was battling lung cancer and sadly passed away in May 2018.

Members of the community wanted to remember Candy in a big way so they hosted a Cut-A-Thon at The Class Act to raise funds for the Candy Thompson Memorial Dog Park.

Around 100 residents came to get their hair cut, combed, washed and brushed.

“She was just one of those people that if you knew her, she was your friend,” said Holly Hatley, Best Friend. “If you didn’t know her, she became your friend. She was loved by all.”

Candy Thompson was a Locomotive Engineer for 36 years, a Union Lawyer and a local Chairman.

She was a mother to two kids and fostered dogs.

They believe the dog park would be the perfect memorial for Candy.

“It’s a memorial to my wife and not only my wife; we want it to be a memorial to a lot of folks,” explained Michael Thompson, Husband. “Lots of folks have cancer and lots of folks have dogs.”

Not only can people get their hair cut to help, you can also purchase a hamburger or hot dog meal, donate money at Platte Valley Bank, purchase a $20 t-shirt and a bracelet and donate funds at The Class Act.

Thompson’s closest friend and her husband say she made an incredible impact in the community.

“I just can’t really say enough about her,” expressed Thompson. “She’s the meaning of a wife.”

They even thank everyone who came out to support.

“It’s heartwarming and it’s so special to know how many lives Candy touched whether it was in the coffee shop, at the salon, on the street or at work,” explained Hatley. “She just touched so many people’s lives.”

They will be cutting hair until 5:00pm.

They are still working on the location for the Candy Thompson Memorial Dog Park.

They will continue fundraisers throughout the year.

They hope this dog park will boost tourism and the economy.