Development of quad plex field set to begin

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GERING, Neb. The Gering Parks Department is expanding the Oregon Trail Parks ballparks starting this summer.

It will be used to develop a new quad softball and baseball complex.

These new fields will not only provide fun, leisure sports for Gering but help with the expansion of tourism and bring in outside revenue.

“We think that it will be a regional destination,” said Amy Seiler, Director of Parks Recreation and Leisure Services. “We can draw people in for baseball and softball tournaments.”

The Parks Department is currently working on a layout of the field.

They are also making sure that they have all of their amenities prepared.

They want to have the grading, seating and shading finalized.

This project will not only impact the ballpark but help local businesses around it.

“We feel that this will really stimulate some economic development,” said Seiler. “We feel that this would be really good for the tourism industry. It will be very important for our hotels, restaurants, stores, grocery stores and gas stations.” (1:29-1:41)

Seiler says the hope is to get people from other places to keep coming back to Western Nebraska.

“A great opportunity for us to actually host and show people what Western Nebraska is like,” said Seiler. “If they come for a softball or baseball tournament, we can give them reasons to return. We have so many other great things that they can take advantage of out here.”

The cost of this project is $2,400,000 that they have budgeted.

They are set to start in mid-July depending on bids and when contractors can begin.

The expected completion is spring 2020.