Exhibit dedicated to the state of Wyoming

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TORRINGTON, Wyo. A new display dedicated to Wyoming has made its way to the Homesteaders Museum.

Naval Ships with Wyoming Names is a traveling exhibit from the Fort Casper Museum that features naval ships named after Wyoming’s people, cities, towns, counties, and rivers.

“It’s always fun when you have an exhibit like this that people can so closely relate to because it is our state,” said Sarah Chaires, Museum Director. “People from Wyoming are very proud of Wyoming and it’s neat to have that name recognition with an exhibit.”

Each display contains a naval ship with information including its displacement, length, beam, draft, speed, complement and armament.

It even displays what the abbreviations of each ship stands for.

Chaires lets us know about her favorite part of the exhibit.

“The stories that come off of it,” said Chaires. “People that have either served in the military, served in the Navy or have had family members that serve in the Navy is pretty interesting. They share those stories with us and that’s really neat.”

The exhibit is available Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

It is free to the public and will be on display until May 31st.