Facebook group strives to help people in stranded situations

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. As the winter storm is making its way across the Panhandle, drivers are asked to stay indoors unless it is an emergency.

If you travel and happen to get stuck, the Nebraska Panhandle Vehicle Recovery group is here to help.

The group is made up of 12 volunteers who service the areas of Scottsbluff, Gering, Mitchell, Alliance and more.

They ask that if you get stuck, contact them on their Facebook page for help.

“If they will post on the Facebook page that they need help, we will be there,” said Michael Frady, Co-Founder for Nebraska Panhandle Vehicle Recovery Group. “Whether they are stranded or stuck in a ditch, if they need a ride somewhere, we can accommodate that as well.”

If you are stranded or stuck and need help, they ask you to provide your location, your contact information, the kind of vehicle you are traveling in and if there are any hazards that the volunteers should be aware of.

You want to also make sure you have a fully charged cell phone.

“It can be very difficult especially if they have been there for a while,” said Frady. “They might have snow covering their vehicle or they might be between county roads where it is hard to describe exactly where they. They need to provide the best description they can give us. It will help us a lot.”

The Tri-City Roadrunner shuttle services are closed because of the weather.

The Nebraska Panhandle Vehicle Recovery Group will take their place during the storm.

They will accommodate rides for the people who need it.

“I know that emergency services are asking people not to be out but we are going to do our best to help people get around town if you need to,” explained Frady. “We will do our best not to become a hazard ourselves.”

The group is still looking for more volunteers.

If you are interested, they ask you to either post it on their Facebook page or contact Michael Frady directly.