Facebook page used to promote Panhandle businesses

On the Panhandle Businesses page, members for starters can post their daily specials, availability, menus, prices and much more. The page has close to 1,200 members. (Panhandle Businesses Facebook Page)
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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. The Facebook page ‘Panhandle Businesses’ has been created to promote local Panhandle businesses.

The idea comes from Owner of Orenda Wellness Spa and Salon Jessica Nuesca and another business owner as Nuesca wanted to create a page used to help all businesses.

Nuesca started by posting on the Scottsbluff Garage Sale site but restrictions prohibit the posting of business related content.

On the newly created Panhandle Businesses page, businesses can post their daily specials, if they are hiring, offering delivery and carryout, availability including hours, menus, prices and if the dining room is open or not.

This page is used to help businesses from closing their doors.

“As long as they are in front of people’s faces, people will remember them,” said Nuesca. “It takes about three times for somebody to remember something. If you keep posting in the group, then people constantly are seeing your posts. Then they will go by your place.”

As the page was created, it had between 300 to 500 members.

As the coronavirus takes its impact, the page now has almost 1,200 members.

The only restriction for this page is no negative comments of any kind.

Nuesca asks members to be patient when it comes to approving posts.

To join the group, click linkable text goes here