Family and friends gather for Farnam Wagon Train

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FARNAM, Neb. (KNOP) - One way to escape the heat on Friday? Sitting under the shade of an old fashioned wagon.

The wagon train makes it way up a hill just outside of Farnam early Friday morning. (Source: Madison Clark\KNOP-TV)

A wagon train drove upwards of 15 miles near Farnam on Friday, and will resume travelling on Saturday also.

Head of the wagon train, Larry Jurjens of Farnam, says it's all just for fun.

"A bunch of us got together and decided we were going to have a little fun and put on a wagon train. We've got guys all the way from Saint Joe Missouri here today," said Jurjens.

Wagon drives are a family tradition for many, including Curtis native Sam Heapy and his grandpa Lee Janssen.

"My grandpa and I started going on these when I was in kindergarten. We've just been going ever since. It stopped about 6th grade and so we were kind of upset and started looking for another one and found this one and have been coming ever since," said Heapy.

Heapy also says he hopes to be able to continue coming home through college to accompany his grandpa on the wagon.

The train will make their back to Farnam to camp Friday night and enjoy a cookout before they resume their drive Saturday morning.

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