Farmer's Co-Op is expanding their grain storage in time for harvests

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HEMINGFORD, Neb. - (KNEP) - Farmer’s Co-Op in Hemingford is expanding their grain storage to get more trucks through during the harvest season.

General Manager Bart Moseman stated the project will be a 919,000 bushel tank and nearly doubles their holdings. Their east lot can currently hold 939,000 bushels.

This year alone, they put nearly two million bushels of corn on the ground. The facility always loses a little bit of that crop on the ground but never too much. Moseman says with this project it will elevate the risk of any spoilage.

With a controlled storage like this one, the Co-Op also has the opportunity to hold the crop and wait for markets to give them a better shot at selling it. This will then come back to the farmers with a better return.

This past fiscal year, the Co-Op saw a big corn harvest they needed to move. Due to the price of soybeans driven down by the tariffs imposed on China, BNSF railway has been cheaper for them which allowed them to move out corn in November they typically don’t move.

The project, which is slated to be complete by July 1st, will churn twice a year and hold wheat as well. But, Moseman mentioned it all depends on the market. If it tells them they should hold onto more wheat then they will do so or vice versa with corn.

“You always want to make sure you can be flexible and that’s one of the reasons for this project, so we can be more flexible,” said Moseman.

It’s a calculating game all the time for Moseman who is constantly looking six months ahead to see what the markets will be like as well as the logistics within his facility.

“If you fill up a tank full of wheat and you don’t plan it right, you might not have it ready for corn harvest or vice versa.”

Moseman is noticing the corn yields are continuing to increase and in the Panhandle he believes its going in a steeper upward curve and feels it’s important to stay on top of those things which this project will do.