Farmers remain positive although offices closed

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MITCHELL, Neb. - (KNEP) - Local farmers are seeing some delays due to the government shutdown but remain positive heading into the new year.

Farmer Andy Groskopf mentioned the market facilitation program payments will be delayed due to the shutdown, but if you haven’t applied yet there will be an extension.

The original deadline was to be January 15th, but since the Farm Service Agency (FSA) is closed as well, the deadline will be moved. Groskopf added that each day the agency is closed will add another day onto the deadline.

Farmers know they will eventually see their money but Groskopf added the concern is the 10-99 forms which are due at the end of the month.
With the closure of the IRS as well, farmers are unable to license their semi-trucks and get the heavy highway use exemption as well.

USDA controls the reports coming out regarding the market, and is also closed. But, Groskopf added maybe that ends up being a good thing.

“There’s just not much moving in the markets right now,” said Groskopf. “Maybe without the report it will help the farmers.”

Reports regarding the potential E-15 proposal have also halted due to the shutdown. They are to be due early this spring.

Even with the markets the way they are, Groskopf sees 2020 being a successful season and that the government shutdown is something needed to right the ship.