Fifteen businesses in Morrill and Cheyenne County pass tobacco check

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PANHANDLE, Neb. - (KNEP) - Nebraska State Patrol states all fifteen businesses in Cheyenne and Morrill County who were tested passed the compliance check.

Florida lawmakers are hoping to raise the age to buy tobacco. (Pixabay).

In a partnership with the Panhandle Prevention Coalition’s comprehensive plan to prevent kids from using tobacco products, NSP tested fifteen businesses to see if they would sell to a minor.

Of all fifteen convenience stores, grocery stores and liquor stores not one had a violation. Below is a list of those who were tested.

Jessica Davies, tobacco free in the Panhandle Coordinator with Panhandle Public Health District, stated if a community can consistently conduct compliance checks and keep the failure rate below ten percent then kids will be less likely to use tobacco products.

• Bayard Tiger Paws – 144 Main Street, Bayard
• Dollar General – 308 Main Street, Bayard
• Bayard Grocery – 305 Main Street, Bayard
• Loves – 645 Chase Blvd, Sidney
• Fatdogs – 3070 Silverberg Drive, Sidney
• Smoker Friendly – 3100 Silverberg Drive, Sidney
• Walmart – 3001 Silverberg Drive, Sidney
• Sapp Bros – 2914 Upland Parkway, Sidney
• Git N Split – 1912 10th Ave, Sidney
• Git N Split – 1145 Illinois Street, Sidney
• The Post – 1020 Old Post Rd, Sidney
• Two J’s Too – 576 Glover Rd, Sidney
• Two J’s – 1500 Illinois Street, Sidney
• Alta Convenience – 440 Illinois Street, Sidney
• Safeway – 1944 Illinois Street, Sidney

Training for alcohol and tobacco retailers is available quarterly at locations throughout the Panhandle. This training, sponsored by Panhandle Prevention Coalition and Nebraska State Patrol, provides individuals entrusted with the responsibility of serving alcohol or selling tobacco with strategies to avoid illegally selling to underage youth or intoxicated patrons. Responsible Beverage Server Training is available for free to retail merchants, owners, and employees across the Panhandle. The next training is on January 22, 2020. For more information on the retailer’s trainings, go to