Filling summer positions at Fort Robinson and Chadron State Park

Anyone ages 16 and up with all levels of experience can apply for food service, tour guides, jeep drivers and many more positions. Start dates are tentative based on the position. (KNEP)
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CRAWFORD, Neb. Fort Robinson State Park and Chadron State Park are looking to fill summer positions at their facilities.

Many of the positions include food service including hostess, waitress and cook, maintenance, tour guides, office support, information booth, activity center, settler store, ground maintenance, security, lifeguards, wrangles and jeep drivers.

These parks hire teens 16 and up with all levels of experience.

Superintendent Deb Kennedy states it’s better to search now for filling positions then to wait until the last minute.

“We just kind of like to start early to catch the kids that are in the college skill or still in high school with any of the locals,” explained Kennedy. “It does take a little bit of a process to get them to apply and get the application, do the interview and send it into Lincoln for paperwork and then hire.”

The start date for these positions are tentative including Summer of 2020, earlier than that and Memorial weekend.

To apply, you can go on