Finding a location for new landfill to take a minimum two years

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GERING, Neb. - (KNEP) - City of Gering and Scottsbluff want to ensure they can continue to provide services for everyone’s trash.

According to City of Gering’s Engineer Annie Folck, the process to get a parcel of land designated as a location for a landfill is a minimum of two years.

Last week it was announced the two cities were working with Trihydro Corporation out of Wyoming to look for a spot. The current landfill that is located at the base of the Scotts Bluff National Monument will hit capacity in 2026.

Folck states they own land adjacent to the current location but it is not permitted for landfill and so they would have to go through the process anyway.

The process to get a new site for a landfill includes a lot of samples and paperwork. The minimum two years before placing a shovel in the ground will include water and soil samples. Individuals from Trihydro will look for evidence of endangered species at that specific parcel. If they find any, they will have to determine if the species can be mitigated or if the site just won’t work.

They will also survey for any artifacts for historical significance. The team will then get an underlying of the geological formation which will let them know if it is suitable and what kind of design they would be looking at.

Folck and her team are looking at a 45 mile radius from the current location meaning it could serve a wide region. Initially it would be for Scottsbluff and Gering residents but could also include other communities. Folck mentioned that radius means they could also look at locations in Sioux, Banner and Morrill counties along with Scotts Bluff County. Their preference is to stay within that radius to cut down fuel costs.

The team wants to also keep rates reasonable for residents and ensure trash is disposed of properly. They want to valuate three to four sites concurrently to ensure they have a location permitted well before 2025.

Folck is asking that if residents have a site they want to come forward with they are encouraged to contact her at 308-436-6845 or