Flood forces evacuation north of GI

ORD, Neb (KSNB) Several people south of Ord were forced to evacuate their homes Wednesday when the near by North Loup river flooded.

Region 26 emergency manage Alma Beland told Local4 that a diversion dam just southeast of Ord failed and sent water rushing down the river. Beland said the result was that water got into the basements of several homes in North Loup. She said said fewer than a dozen people were being housed in a shelter set up at the North Loup community center.

Beland also said a diversion dam in the Burwell city park was threatened, but as of late Wednesday afternoon had not broken. Residents downstream from that dam were also evacuated.

And water from the Cedar River threatened a diversion dam on the southwest side of Spalding. Beland said water was running over the top of the dam, but as of late Wednesday it held. She said highways in the Spalding area were closed.

Beland said flooding hit Sherman, Valley, Greeley, Garfield and Wheeler counties particularly hard. The county roads in those counties were "pretty much impassable," Beland said.

She said the highway between Burwell and the Calumus Reservoir had been closed down due to an ice jam. And that the highway north of Burwell was also closed.