Folks travel to North Platte to see President's Funeral Train

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Train enthusiasts are coming from across the country to a view a special train parked in North Platte. The George H.W. Bush Funeral Train pulled into North Platte Sunday.

People are standing along the tracks with cameras. The train lovers are taking pictures and sharing train stories. One Union Pacific worker from Cheyenne traveled to North Platte just to see it. Conductor Kirk Orndorff says that he missed it passing through in the night, and that it was a spectacle he and his father wanted to see.

"It spent several several years in Little Rock in Arkansas, waiting for the Bush Funeral Train. Once that actually happened, it's touring the system for employees which is a really cool thing for the company to do," says Ornsdorff.

Margaret Kellum, says, "My husband worked on the railroad for 36 1/2 years. Trains have always been fun for me. I especially thought it was neat that this train would stop in North Platte. Very much impressed with President Bush's life and his integrity throughout his presidential time. As cold as it is I did not want to pass up the opportunity to come out and see both engines."

The commemorative locomotives are located along the Union Pacific railroad tracks along Front Street. Union Pacific Officials say the locomotive is travelling to various union pacific facilities. It's their plan to give employees an opportunity to see it firsthand.

The train will leave North Platte Tuesday.
The train given to the late former President George H.W. Bush by Union Pacific in 2005 stopped in North Platte on Sunday.

The locomotive rested behind the shopping center near Walnut and Front.

The train recently transported Bush to College Station, Texas where he was laid to rest at his Presidential Library.

The train was painted to look like Air Force One and even carries the Presidential Seal.

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