Gering City Council Meeting Outcome

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GERING, Neb. - (KNEP) - Gering City Council held a meeting tonight discussing a plan to help better the future growth of the area.

Gering City Council meets to change a 30 year old document (Source KNEP)

A comprehensive plan is a document used by communities to project their growth as they go forward. It encompasses a variety of departments within the city.

The 30 year old document policies and ordinances relating to business development were outdated, making new businesses recruitment difficult.

"Tackling a project like this really allows us to deregulate and make the process simpler for businesses to come to the community and so we want to be an inviting community and so this was a great first step." says Mayor Tony Kaufman, "The next step is to tackle our codes and ordinances and update those documents so that we are positioning the city for growth and prosperity as we go forward."

Koffman says documents like the one discussed tonight are expensive and take a lot of time. Community input is a high priority, having the last 3 months of revision, tonight brings forward the final document.