Gering High School construction on time and budget despite recent blizzard

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GERING, Neb. Gering High School continues to see their construction project on time and budget.

The school even has some positive updates to share.

The library has officially been turned over.

They are working on changing the access point into the gym so they can begin on the south part of the commons area.

The demolition has begun in the locker rooms, old wrestling room and gym.

The wrestling room and axillary gym is near completion.

The freshman academy and old library are fully involved right now.

“Every part of the building that is going to have something done to it is in progress or completed,” said Bob Hastings, Superintendent.

The construction project continues to be on time and on budget despite the recent blizzard that hit the state.

There have been a couple of challenges with some of the conditions.

“The moisture in the area can cause issues,” said Hastings. “Certainly, there are some mud in places and that has been an inconvenience for some of the guys driving the big equipment around. They have handled it well.”

Gering High School was built in the 1960s and received small additions in the 1970s. The school has been largely untouched since then.

“This is a huge investment in the education of our children by our community,” said Hastings. “I think if you can take away anything, we should just appreciate how supportive our community is.”

Once the commons area is completed, it will be able to fit over 1,000 people.

It can be used for anyone who attends music concerts, a play, basketball games and even wrestling meets.

“We’ll certainly have a capacity for a much larger group than just our student body in the commons,” explained Hastings. “We will probably feed or we are setting it up to feed approximately half of our students at a time.”

The school’s average class sizes are 150 students and the student body averages 600 students.

The building will accommodate for more.

Hastings says teachers and students have been receptive to the project.

“Any time that you are living through a remodel, there are bumps in the road,” said Hastings. “Our students and our staff have handled it remarkably well.”

The overall construction project costs $24,000,000.

It is expected to be completed by the middle of August.

For updates with the construction project, you can follow the @GeringBulldogs on Twitter or Gering High School on Facebook.