Gering Police provide safety tips after rash of car break-ins

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GERING, Neb. - (KNEP) Gering and surrounding towns are noted to be peaceful and quiet.

The Gering Police have responded to over 11 potential car break-ins since September (Source: NBC Nebraska viewer)

But as of September 9th, Gering Police are sounding the alarm, asking you to be aware and lock your cars.

Gering PD have had 11 cases of vehicular break-ins. 4 of those 11 reports were successful, taking loose change and bills. The break ins have continued, leading October into the same crime streak.

October 9th, this video was shot.

You see two suspects walking towards the vehicle from the street. The time in the video takes place at 5am.

We talked to the Gering Police Department to ask them tips on how to keep your property safe from break-ins. They say to always lock your car door, try parking under street lights, look at adding motion-sensored lights to your house as well as video monitoring systems.