Gering Public Schools have options to ensure they meet instruction hours

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GERING, Neb. - (KNEP) - Gering Public Schools has a plan in place to ensure they reach the required hours of instruction for the school year.

According to Superintendent Bob Hastings, the public schools took their third snow day of the year on Thursday and will have a scheduled day off Friday.

The district builds in extra hours to their school year in case they need to take time off, but can remain on course and reach the required hours. However, this year, the schedule is tighter due to the construction project at Gering High School.

Superintendent Hastings stated the school does have options which could include extending a couple of days if need be. The school district has one more scheduled day off, Good Friday, but would use that day as a last resort. Hastings added they have an early release on Wednesdays and could look at extending some of those days if need be.

The school district is set to finish out the academic year on May 16th; which is earlier than normal. Hastings and the rest of the school district wants to stick to the graduation dates they have set. He hopes they wouldn’t have to look at moving the final day past the predetermined date.

For now, Hastings is looking at the safety of the district’s staff and students and will look at other options if need be to ensure they meet the required instructional hours.