Gering man admits to stealing nearly $400 and selling drugs

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GERING, Neb. - (KNEP) - A Gering man admits to selling drugs and stealing after being involved in a hit and run accident.

According to court records, Daniel Hubbard turned himself in early Monday morning and told police he stole credit cards and a car from his mother. He later went to multiple businesses and banks to withdraw money totaling $300-$400.

With the money, he purchased a prepaid cell phone, and three ounces of marijuana. Hubbard told police he used half an ounce and sold the other two and a half ounces to make another $400.

The car was reported stolen but later turned up during a hit and run accident on South Beltline Highway East Sunday. Hubbard told officers he was driving the car when he dropped his cell phone. He went to pick it up and that is when he hit another car.

Hubbard is facing charges of distribution of a controlled substance, theft by unlawful taking, unauthorized use of a financial transaction device and unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle. He was arrested on 10% of $60,000. Court records reveal Hubbard pleaded guilty to a separate drug charge on March 27th.