Gering woman found guilty of abusing a vulnerable person

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GERING, Neb. - (KNEP) - A Gering woman will be sentenced in November after being found guilty of abuse of a vulnerable adult.


According to court documents, Crystal Lessert’s trial lasted one day with the jury unanimously finding her guilty.

The supporting affidavit details Lessert managed her grandmother’s finances and had not paid her nursing home fees since April of 2018. The victim was placed in the home in August 2017, but the first payment for room and board didn’t come until January 31st, 2018. The next payment didn’t come until April 24th and was not for the full amount. This happened several times with Lessert claiming she wasn’t receiving the bills.

Upon receiving transaction history for her grandmother’s bank account, Lessert spoke to an officer about it all. She stated they have the same bank and their debit cards look similar.

While going over those transactions, Lessert stated she used her grandmother’s card when she should have used her own claiming she just got confused because she has the cards in the same spot in her wallet. Officers totaled 18 transactions alone from various places in California in which Lessert alleged she mistakenly used the wrong card while taking a trip with her kids. There were also numerous purchases at gas stations as well as one at a pediatric dentistry in which Lessert stated it was for her kid and mistakenly used the wrong card.

In total, Lessert was found responsible for $2,000 worth of transactions.

Lessert will be sentenced November 15th.