Goshen County teachers will receive another tool to help students

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TORRINGTON, Wyo. - (KNEP) - Goshen County School District is using funds to add another resource in helping teach students how to read.

Goshen County School District is offering a training for its teachers to help students become more efficient readers (Source KNEP)

According to the Director of Curriculum Donna Fields, the district’s last state assessment showed 50% of students in third to fifth grade were not proficient in reading. They have since approved a measure to use a $60,000 title 1 fund to provide a multi-sensory training for the teachers.

Fields mentioned it would typically cost the district $3,500 per teacher from them to get the training. But with the funds, they will be able to have Orton-Gillingham come to the district on two separate occasions in December and January. A total of 60 – 70 teachers, sub paras and special education teachers will receive the training.

This is a Dislexia Foundation approved program will tie all senses together. Fields mentioned that it is for anyone and everyone to learn from and will enhance a core program inside the classroom.

Fields added teachers have been coming to the district asking for more ways to teach students who are struggling with reading goals. They are hoping they can get every student to eventually read at the right grade level.

Unlike some of the other programs the district is implementing, this one does not use technology. Fields stated sometimes is beneficial, if not more beneficial, to go back to the old school approach of teaching.

They are still in the planning stages of how to effectively implement the program after the training. Fields stated they will most likely allow the teachers to use it during the second half of the academic year if they would like. She mentioned two first grade teachers have already had the training and implemented the program during summer school. They have since reported significant results from it.

Fields believes they will see immediate results and it will significantly grow over a three-year period. She also wants to look at rolling out a training for parents so they are better acclimated with the program.

Above all else, Fields is just most excited about getting kids a chance to read.