Help locate missing 14 year old Bayard boy

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BAYARD, Neb 14 year old Eric Garcia from Bayard has been missing from his residence for approximately three weeks.

Silvia Garcia, Eric Garcia’s Mother, says she believes that he ran away. This is the first time reported that he has ran away.

“Please. I need help finding my son and it has almost been three weeks,” said Silvia. “He’s not going to the school and please help me find him.”

According to Bayard Police Department, a tip led to the possibility of finding Eric at a residence on the 700 block of P Street in Gering on January 19th.

In the video that was shown to NBC Nebraska, three Gering officers entered the premises and said that Eric was nowhere to be found.

Silvia says she believes Eric is in the household from the Snapchat videos she has seen of her son.

Silvia says if she could see her son, this is what she would tell him.

“Eric. If you see this message, please come home,” said Silvia. “I need you. You need to come with me. It doesn’t matter what you did. I need you.”

If you have any information of Eric’s whereabouts, contact your local law enforcement agency.