Hundreds of planes camp out at Alliance airport for eclipse viewing

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ALLIANCE, Neb. Thousands of people came to Alliance to view the total solar eclipse. The Alliance airport was in the center of the path and hosted their own fly in solar eclipse viewing.

Approximately 280 planes flew into the airport over the last two days setting up camp right next to their planes.

“We see them on the news all the time, but it’s just the best to experience it personally and it’s going to be the last time in our lifetime before the next full eclipse in this country, so we wanted to be here to enjoy it,” said Howard Patton, Texas resident.

People traveled from all over the country from California to Pennsylvania. International visitors came from as far as Europe and Japan.

"I've talked to people that have experienced a total solar eclipse and I asked them what it like and they started to explain and then they just kind of trail off and say you can't put it into words, you need to see it for yourself. So that's why we're here," said Jim Webber, California resident.

Many people witnessed this once in a lifetime opportunity with their families. One visitor called Alliance one of Western Nebraska’s best kept secrets.