Hunting coyotes to raise money for families in need

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HEMINGFORD, Neb. Coyote Militia uses their passion of hunting coyotes to help families in need.

The idea of the organization came when Co-Founder Ryan Schledewitz and his friend Jake heard about an incident in Alliance where two boys lost their father to cancer a few years back. The boys then lost their mother in a car wreck.

They helped the family by hosting coyote hunting tournaments to sell their fur to buyers and the check is provided to the family.

This year, the money raised went towards the family of three-year old Alexzander “Zander” Ortiz who passed away on Christmas Eve while waiting for his second heart transplant. They raised a total of $6,100. They only ask for the family to be in attendance.

“The family has to be there in some way, shape or form,” said Ryan Schledewitz, Founder of Coyote Militia. “That way, the people who participate in the tournament can see the money leave the hands and get to the family.”

22 teams participated last year and this year, 24 teams got involved.

Portions from team registrations and funds made at the tournament will go towards those families in need.

Schledewitz says he strives to help families in need.

“Imagine going through loss of family; it sometimes makes the world seems like no one cares because it’s a dark situation you are living in,” explained Schledewitz. “We want to try to add a little light to that situation and that is what I’m striving to do.”

Schledewitz says the biggest struggles they have seen is getting the public more involved.

“Getting the public involved a little bit more is what I would like to see,” said Schledewitz. “I think maybe it’s just the public not thinking they can come because of it being a hunting tournament. I believe they think that if they are not hunting, they can’t be there. I’ve tried to get the world across that the public can come.”

The tournament is always hosted the first weekend in February. They try to have the family that the tournament will dedicate chosen by the end of October.

To contact, you can go to their Facebook page at Coyote Militia.