Irrigation District gets okay to extend season if needed

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FORT LARAMIE, Wyo. - (KNEP) - The Gering – Fort Laramie Irrigation District receives the green light to extend their season if they need to.

According to the district’s General Manager Rick Preston, the State of Nebraska, State of Wyoming and the Bureau of Reclamation have given the canal the opportunity to keep water flowing in October.

The district’s contract states by September 30th, water must be completely out of the canal. But due to the sensitive nature of this season and not seeing water for over a month, Preston stated if the weather holds up and there is a demand water can remain in the canal past the deadline.

He believes they could be looking at October 5th – 7th to keep water in the canal. Preston reiterated this is a one-time opportunity for them to do this.

As of right now, the canal is doing great and the temporary fix is holding up. Preston stated not everyone was interested in getting water when they had it return. As of right now they are running close to a hundred percent.

It remains to be seen if they will actually extend the season out. Preston stated it depends on weather and the demand for irrigation water. He understands over the next two weeks, the demand will slide off with the end of harvest season.