Kearney woman gets federal prison for prison related meth deal

(Source: Buffalo County Detention Center)
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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) A Kearney woman is going to federal prison for her part in a drug deal at her home last winter.

A federal judge sentenced Hannah Pauly, 24, to 70 months in prison for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine.

The U.S. Attorney said five pounds of meth were delivered to Pauly's house in January. It came in five packages of varying size. The drug delivery was coordinated by Pauly's brother Dustin, who was serving time at the Nebraska State Penitentiary. In August, a federal judge sentenced Dustin Pauly to 21 years in federal prison on a related conviction.

Hannah Pauly's roommate at the time, Jose Santos-Zepeda, 20, has also been indicted in the case.

Hannah Pauly is also charged with felony child abuse in Buffalo County District Court. At the time of the meth bust, investigators found two children, who later tested positive for meth in their systems. The child abuse case is scheduled to be in court again October 25.