Keep Hackers Out of Your Security Camera

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) With the holidays past us, some of you were still wondering if that security camera you received from family or friends are safe for use.

When using a phone or a tablet to use remote control to your security device, make sure both device software is up-to-date. (source: KNEP)

With hackings like the ones in Omaha, it is scary to think that it any time you and your loved ones are being spied on in this very moment.

We talked to local law-enforcement who say despite the hacks, it is still an incredibly useful tool.

“I think that it’s a part of technology that we’re going to have to get worked out so that people can’t do that but for us as law-enforcement, people in the community that do have those types of security systems, cameras have been pretty useful tool for us.” Says Captain of the Scottsbluff Police Department, Tony Straub.

You may still be hesitant to set up your security camera but, we spoke to a security specialist to give you some tips on how to properly convert your new security device.

“You need to change the default passwords. That would be my number one thing to do and my number two thing is to make sure all software is kept up to date and patched. Most people’s camera is set up on their home network it is connected to their home router firewall. You need to make sure it’s on an isolated network if possible in that it is protected by your firewall.” Explains Todd Rector and Information Security Engineer
and Electronic Commerce Council Certified Ethical Hacker.

Rector also tells us that if you access your camera using remote control access from a phone or a tablet, make sure the device is kept current and up-to-date if you have questions about your device do not be afraid to ask your local security system technician.

Changing your passwords to something more complex can help keep those looming hackers wondering and guessing. Ensuring that your camera is using encrypted data transport methods. Enabling all security features on your device is the best way to stay protected. If you need to log into an administrative interface, make sure all platforms that your device transfers to is kept updated. Periodically checking that your devices software is updated can also help give an extra layer of protection against potential hackers.

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