Kimball Economic Developer involved in serious motorcycle crash

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KIMBALL, Neb. A resident of Kimball needs your help.

Economic Developer Amy Sapp was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on Saturday, January 5th.

According to Gretchen Spitz, Sapp’s right leg and left leg are broken. Sapp broke the fibia and tibia in her left leg and the fibia in her right.

Sapp received surgery in Scottsbluff Wednesday and has pins placed below and above the knee. There is swelling on her leg that has tripled in size. The swelling has prevented Sapp from receiving the full surgery. Once the swelling goes down, she will receive the needed surgery.

Sapp will have two plates placed in her leg and on her knee. Sapp will also have a pin in her knee that hopefully will be removed within a year.

A wheelchair ramp will be built for Sapp since there are stairs in her household. Sapp will go to rehab for the next two weeks or when her next surgery is scheduled.

Spitz says that there is a way you can help. They have created a Benefit for Amy Sapp account at Firstier Bank in Kimball. You just have to mention Amy Sapp.

For residents who live outside of Kimball, you can mail donations to the bank. Their address is P.O. Box 730, Kimball, Nebraska 69145.

The Shute Number 7 will host a rally February 2nd and a portion of the proceeds will go towards Amy Sapp’s recovery.