Leyton's Drew Haley ready to start his basketball season

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Dalton, NEB Leyton senior Drew Haley is set to open the basketball season next week for the Warriors. If you know his story the fact he's even on a court is a major win.

(NBC Nebraska Scottsbluff)

Drew's journey through high school has been one of emotional and physical ups and downs. After playing sports his freshman and sophomore seasons his junior year a knee injury in football nearly cost him his life.

Following the injury over the span of about a month Drew had eight operations done on his right leg which led to doctors amputating the leg from below the knee.

Following the surgeries Drew was given a prosthetic leg about a year ago and since then he has rehabbed vigorously and kept positivity each and every step of the way.

Drew and his Leyton basketball team will open the season December 6th at the Bayard Invite.