Local Democrats host county democratic convention

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SCOTTSBLUFF,Neb There was a lot at stake during Tuesday night’s Democratic Convention for Scotts Bluff County. County representatives were selected and the road to the state and national convention began.

“It`s good to see what people are talking about and how they feel about the situation and issues not just in big cities but all across the state of Nebraska,” said Democratic National Committeeman, Ron Kaminski.

The convention gave party affiliates the opportunity to take full advantage of the democratic process. On top of selecting delegates for the Nebraska State Democratic Party Convention in June the bid for the presidential democratic nominee is still at the forefront for Democrats.

"Looking at the bigger picture with Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee really bringing our party together between the Sanders and the Clinton delegates and the Clinton and Sanders supporters we can defeat Donald Trump in November," said County Convention Chair, Jeff Leanna.

Regardless of party affiliation democrats say core values need to be the deciding factor when choosing a candidate.

"Take the time to check into what Scotts Bluff Democrats are about and what they stand for and I think the majority of people in this county will realize that there`s not very much difference," said Kaminski. There may be some disagreements on some smaller issues but essentially Democrats want to stand up for middle class people so they can support their family and have a good life. "

Both Stan Kontogiannis and Rae Ann Schmitz were reelected to their prospective offices. During the convention Kontogiannis was re selected as Scotts Bluff County`s Democratic Party Chair while Schmitz will continue to serve as vice president of the party.