Local business triple food sales without a liquor license

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. When Goonies moved from being the nightclub feel in Gering, to the restaurant bar and grill in Scottsbluff, they not only tripled their sales but there is one interesting fact that goes with it; they don’t have a liquor license to sell alcohol.

Goonies; the restaurant known as Nebraska’s Best Burger in year 2015, has brought their extraordinary recipes to the City of Scottsbluff. Within Gering, they were known as a nightclub but with their new leaf in Scottsbluff, they are able to be what they wanted to be from the beginning.

“We’ve always wanted just to be able to be a sports bar and grill,” said Paul Guhn, Owner of Goonies Sports Bar and Grill. “Moving over here into the old Whiskey Creek building, it has a comfort setting of being a restaurant but also with the televisions and everything we put up, we’ve made this a fun atmosphere to go to be a sports bar and grill.”

At a recent Scottsbluff City Council meeting, the members decided not to grant Goonies a liquor license due to its past failed compliance history. Guhn says he was not going to give up his dream with this obstacle in the way.

“I wanted to keep Goonies going,” said Guhn. “I’d had to make better choices for myself, my family and my business so what do you do? You put your nose to the grindstone, work really, really hard, you see them smiley faces of customers and who can stop when you see customers smiling and enjoying something that you are putting out there for them.”

For many businesses, being able to sell alcohol is what keeps their business alive but with Goonies, it’s somewhat of a different story.

“Business has almost tripled which we are extremely happy about,” said Guhn. “I’m glad it’s worked out that way for us.”

One factor that helps Goonies with their business is their location. It’s located right next to Highway 26. Hundreds of cars travel on the highway daily which gives people the chance to see another restaurant that is available.

“The food does sell itself,” said Guhn. “I have people who come in here and just go man, I got to get my Goonies burger fix today.”

Guhn’s goal is to keep a family oriented restaurant to where his establishment can be known for having great food and an even better time.

Goonies is expecting to have their liquor license and keno by mid-December. Their new location is at 1802 East 20th Place in Scottsbluff.