Local law enforcement and fire personnel take precautions in snowy conditions for emergencies

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. Have you ever wondered what it takes for our local police and fire departments to be cautious on snowy and icy roadways?

The Scottsbluff Police and Fire Departments make sure their cars are prepped for all emergencies. They bring along slip resistance so they can watch their footing and not fall. (Brian Sherrod, KNEP)

The Scottsbluff Police Department says their biggest challenges are getting around with routine patrols and emergencies, they are prone to accidents and the snow itself can make it hard to get to a residence.

To help, most of their cars provide all wheel drive so they can drive in these conditions.

They work closely with the transportation department to stay updated on road conditions.

They were even provided a four wheel pickup with a blade on the front so they can blade their way to a call.

With these colder temperatures, their policy allows for them to keep their cars running.

“Our biggest challenge is sometimes taking some enforcement action,” said Chief Kevin Spencer, “Scottsbluff Police Department. “If there is a big windrow down the middle of 5th Avenue and somebody is speeding on the other side, it’s difficult to get on the other side of that snow to make a traffic stop.”

The Scottsbluff Fire Department challenges include adjusting their speed to make sure they aren’t going to fast, prevent making sharp turns and paying attention to intersections.

To help, they make sure their vehicles are ready for the roadways, do a check through for their fluids, make sure their vehicles are mechanically sound and bring along shovels just in case.

They take extra precautions when there is ice on the ground for their footing.

“We take it cautiously and watch our footing,” said Chief Tom Schingle, Scottsbluff Fire Department, “We keep an eye out on each other and point out the slick surfaces that might exist.”