Money 101: Free Class to Help Learn About Finances

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb (KNEP) In school you learn to read, write and do math but did you learn anything about finances? One Nebraska company is providing free classes to help you out.

Over the weekend Jason Hansen and his wife Lori discussed how to better understand money at the Scotts Bluff Country Club.
After an accident leaving him with extensive medical bills, Jason took his finances back into his hands when he joined five rings financial. He and his wife are helping teach others the steps you can take to better your accounts.

“We want to be able to empower people to make good financial decisions and we know that in this class they are gonna walk away with that.’’ Explains Lori.

Raising a kid was hard enough but how about moving a far distance and finding yourself in debt for the first time? That was the case for Donica Allen, who joined Jason in Money 101, seeking help.

“When I came here and I said you know what, it’s a different country, there’s different ways of handling money. I said, you know what? Let me just look online and I was so surprised that when I did and I looked on Eventbrite and I saw that they had this workshop. I was like “okay, we’re going!” expresses Donica Allen

Donica sought financial advisers but said the problem was they charged to consult, but was later relieved when she found money 101.
“I was happy it was free. That was amazing so the first time I came here I learned so much. I didn’t know there were non-taxable income accounts and index accounts…” Donica Allen

The class discusses the different types of accounts and situations for those accounts and how they help save up in case of financial distress.
One of the leading factors into over spending is ‘emotional spending’ "When we spend our earnings on things like CD's, sound systems, anything we don't really need but we want just to want, you could be saving the money you're spending and have more in retirement later." Says Jason Hansen on the importance of finances

"We think that just because we know a little bit of information on money that we know a lot and that is where growth stops. At Money 101 we open the doors up, free of charge, to help ensure you and your accounts continue to grow" Lori states that by offering free classes community members are provided the education they may not have received while attending school or higher education.
We spoke to another event-goer on the take-a-way of the class who says she has gone a number of times and will learn something new each time she goes,

“If you can find yourself at a McDonald’s. If you can find yourself at a burger king or any other fast food restaurant, more than three times a month. Take that money on one of the times that you’re going to go to that fast food and invest it in something that will make a difference for your life twenty years later” says Debbie Watson-Allen.

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