Mountain lion kills two goats in Western Nebraska

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission officials have confirmed that a male mountain lion killed two goats near Chadron in Dawes County.

The owner of the land where the goats were killed contacted Game and Parks officials on Oct. 24 after finding the carcasses.

That same day, Game and Parks biologists examined the carcasses, as well as the immediate vicinity. The condition of the carcasses and presence of nearby mountain lion sign suggested a high probability that a mountain lion was responsible.

The landowner and Game and Parks officials worked together to identify and euthanize the offending animal in accordance with the agency’s Mountain Lion Response Plan.

The commission is working with the landowner to ensure best management practices are in place to reduce the chance of a similar event happening in the future.

This is the third confirmed instance of livestock depredation in Nebraska by a mountain lion in modern times.

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