Mutual aid agreement sees first change in nearly 40 years

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. - (KNEP) - The Scotts Bluff County Mutual Aid Association reopens their agreement to add another agency.

Another agency is added to the Scotts Bluff County Mutual Aid Association (Source KNEP)

Scottsbluff Police Chief Tom Schingle states it’s the first time since 1980 the agreement has seen any type of modifications. At Monday’s city council meeting they agreed to add Hemingford to the list of agencies working on mutual aid.

Chief Schingle mentioned they also cleaned up some language that added other agencies who had already been involved but not been memorialized. He feels the agreement should be looked at a little more often but not as frequent as other agreements.

Mutual aid helps communities with getting additional resources. Scottsbluff Fire, which is the only station in the area with an aerial tower, is typically called on for mutual aid about 15-20 times a year while calling for help about 10-15 times a year.