Nebraska Game and Parks helps local producer with crop damage

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BRIDGEPORT, Neb. - (KNEP) - Nebraska Game and Parks is working with a Bridgeport farmer to remove elk who have damaged his crop.

According to Nebraska Game and Parks, the producer contacted Senator Steve Erdman to let him know he was seeing damage to his crops. The senator then contacted game and parks; who looked at aerial video and images from the producer and also ran a site inspection.

It was determined there was elk in the area causing significant damage with bare spots noticeable in his irrigated corn. From there, they asked the producer, who allows for some hunting on his property, to provide a list of hunters’ names to Game and Parks. The agency is always willing to be a part of the removal of the animal as well and will vet the hunters.

There are a few conditions to be awarded the permit the producer ultimately received. The permit allows for up to 50 elk to be removed, the producer cannot profit off these permits, if an elk with antlers is removed, the antlers must be given to the agency and the meat from the animal must be made for human consumption.

This particular producer is going to donate some of the meat to families in need.

Nebraska Game and Parks stated producers can always contact them directly in a situation such as this so they can find the best solution to changing the behavior of the animal involved.