Nebraska expected to get $466 million in federal assistance in 2019

(SOURCE: Jacque Harms/KNOP-TV)
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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Nebraska is expected to receive $466 million in governmental payments this year, one of the highest paid recipients in this year's federal assistance program.

The USDA shows that the states getting the most federal assistance in this year's program are Iowa at $767 million, Illinois, at $707 million; Minnesota, at $519 million; Texas, at $497 million; Kansas, at $474 million; and Nebraska at $466 million.

Iowa farmers are set to receive the most government payments to offset damage from the U.S.'s ongoing trade war with China.

The Des Moines Register reports Iowa farmers will receive $767 million in payments from President Donald Trump's $16 billion trade assistance program this year. The Agriculture Department announced a second round of payments under the program earlier this month.

Iowa Soybean Association board president Tim Bardole says the additional payments will be helpful, but they won't cure all the problems farmers are having this year.

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