Nebraska lawmakers react to State of the Union address

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President Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union address to a join session of Congress Tuesday night.

This address came after originally being postponed due to the government shutdown.

Nebraska lawmakers are praising the president for what he said during his speech.

Below are statements released following the SOTU.

Sen. Deb Fischer
“Tonight, President Trump laid out a hopeful vision for the future. I agree with a central focus of the president’s speech: we need to see more cooperation and consensus in Washington. We can and should work together to strengthen our national defense, invest in infrastructure, bring down the cost of health care, and open up new opportunities for agriculture producers. I remain committed to bridging the divide and delivering results to improve the lives of Nebraskans and all Americans.”

Sen. Ben Sasse
“It was encouraging to hear the President condemn the kind of cruelty we’ve seen recently from New York’s extreme abortion laws. Pro-life Nebraskans should be encouraged to hear the President call on Congress to protect the dignity of every individual and build a culture that values life.”

Rep. Adrian Smith
“Tonight President Trump struck a tone of unity, positivity, and opportunity for Americans of all walks of life in his annual State of the Union address. With over 5 million jobs created and a rapidly expanding economy, President Trump has led the way on pro-growth initiatives such as tax reform and regulatory relief.
“I am encouraged by the president’s remarks and I look forward to much more success as he seeks to secure our nation’s borders, ensure greater market access for American producers, and connect more Americans with economic opportunity.”

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry
“I thought the overall tone of the State of the Union was conciliatory. I thought the President was inviting Congress to some consensus—and on many issues, we should have consensus, such as lowered drug prices, infrastructure, and trade deals.
There was one large exception. Clearly the President wanted to make a strong case for border security in order to set the new preconditions for better outcomes in the next road of budget negotiations.
My favorite line in the speech was when the President called on the bonds of ‘love and loyalty.' What leader around the world can say that? It captures the heart of America.”

Rep. Don Bacon
“The President spoke about bipartisanship tonight and the need to find solutions to immigration, trade, infrastructure, healthcare, and national security. I embrace and applaud him for seeking a compromise and for a compassionate approach. The time is now. Our economy is strong, and we can make a difference on these and other issues.”

Gov. Pete Ricketts
“From new trade deals to incredible job growth, the Trump economy is helping deliver more opportunity for American families. The President’s continued focus in 2019 on protecting working Americans and strengthening national security sends the message that America is choosing greatness. I urge Congress to work with President Trump to continue to build on the pro-growth policy successes that are strengthening our economy and helping more Americans achieve their dreams.”

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