New Cobblestone Hotel makes way to Torrington

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TORRINGTON, Wyo. The City of Torrington will be receiving a new Cobblestone Hotel next year.

In 2012, Goshen County Economic Development Corporation conducted a feasible study to see if the City of Torrington needed another hotel. After the study was finalized, they decided that they did.

The idea was put into place by Neil Newman who stated that the City of Torrington needed a new hotel for economic development and tourism. Newman worked with local investors to help make it happen.

“Local investors care about the community,” said Cactus Covello, Investor. “They did it because they think it’s important that we have it.”

With tourism being the number two industry in terms of tourism, another challenge struck when Goshen County became ineligible to host many events due to the lack of spacing for tourists. They have a handful of hotels across Goshen County but it was not enough to fill the need in the community.

“There is a lot of events that we are not eligible to apply for because we don’t have enough beds,” explained Ashley Harpstreith, Chief Executive Officer for Goshen County Economic Development Corporation. “When certain hotels sell out, people just keep driving.”

The construction project will cost $5.8 million and bring 12 new jobs to the City of Torrington.

It will have an economic impact of $435,000 in tax revenues for the state and $315,000 for the City of Torrington over a five year span.

The Goshen County Economic Development Corporation was able to leverage $1.2 million in New Market Tax Credits to make the community funded project happen.

EPA funds allow them to do a Brownfield assessment which was used for ground development.

The hotel will include 54 rooms, a pool, meeting room, breakfast lounge, business center and Wi-Fi for guests.

It is expected to open in spring 2020.