New nightclub will allow minors over the age of 18

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. A new establishment is making its way to the City of Scottsbluff and it will welcome a crowd of a younger nature.

The El Baile Nightclub will not only add a new business to the East Overland area but allow people 18 and up to enter the establishment.

The El Baile Nightclub will start off by just having Hispanic dances but later on in time, they will provide a place for people to have weddings, quinceañeras, sweet sixteens and much more.

Of course due to laws, the minors can’t drink and if they do try, the nightclub has policies and regulations they will enforce.

“We are going to be concentrating real well on minors not drinking,” said Jose Carrillo, Manager of El Baile Nightclub. “It’s one of our biggest things in here that we are going to be concentrating on. We are going to be having about six security guards in here and we are going to be watching the door. They are all going to be carded up front and also carded as they come to the bar.”

To spread out the 18, 19 and 20 year olds from the 21 and up crowd, they will receive special wristbands and permanent marker on their hands. There are also 32 cameras around the premises to keep watch.

“They are going to be receiving a different kind of wristband than adults which will be noticeable,” said Carrillo. “We will be having black lights all over so we can see them from far away. They will have sharpie on their hand which is one of those ones that is pretty hard to get out.”

Carrillo says the community has been pretty positive about this new establishment making its way to East Overland.

“Everyone is pretty excited that I heard,” said Carrillo. “Everybody stops by and tells me when are we going to open? Actually right now, we don’t have a date for it. We planned on getting our license in hand and then going to go from there.”

With many businesses closing over the past few months, Carrillo says this will not only provide more services to the community but will open new jobs.

“It’s very important to keep everybody in line and keep on going,” said Carrillo. “We are trying to create some jobs for them and also for everyone in the community. I think it will be good for everybody.”

Carrillo says the best way to promote his business is just by coming in.

“Supporting it by coming in of course,” said Carrillo. “If they like this kind of music that we are going to bring, keep them coming in by you keep on coming in. We are going to give the best service that we can for our customers so they can keep them coming.”

The El Baile Nightclub is hiring for three bartenders and three waitresses. If you are interested, you can contact Jose Carrillo through his Facebook page at Kompita Carrillo.