No Classes or Cheap Sunglasses?

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WOOD RIVER, Neb. Wood River Rural Schools administrators chose a unique way to tell students and parents that classes were cancelled Friday.

Wood River School administrators James Haley, Terry Zessin and Kelly Klanecky dressed in costume as ZZ Top for a parody of the song "Cheap Sunglasses" to announce Friday classes at Wood River were cancelled due to weather. The video was produced by Media Specialist Brenda Hirchert. (SOURCE: Wood River Rural School District)

They produced a parody of the ZZ Top classic "Cheap Sunglasses."

Superintendent James Haley, Middle School/High School principal Terry Zessin and Elementary Principal Kelly Klanecky dressed in costume as ZZ Top and substituted lyrics like, "The snow is gettin' deeper and the roads are slick and slack, what we really need now is a break from classes."

Media Specialist Brenda Hirchert produced the video.

We can hardly wait to see what they do for the next snow day.