North Platte school finance officer notices shortage in tax payments from County

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP The removal of Lincoln County's treasurer is having an impact on taxpayers such as the North Platte Public School District.

Executive Director of Finance Stuart Simpson says he's been monitoring the district's property taxes very closely for the past five to six months and noticed they weren't getting as much cash flow as they had in the past.

In fact, Simpson calculated their cash flow was $3.5 million dollars less.

In response, the board approved a tax anticipation note for $3.7 million to pay their claims.

"We just need to stem the tide until the end of August," Simpson said. "These are only issued for four months and we'll turn around and pay them off and in the process have a discussion once we see how property taxes have rebounded come back into the school district."

Simpson says their action has brought up the question as to who will pay the interest in the issuance of the tax anticipation note. Simpson says he and Dr. Ron Hanson are in conversations with the county attorney in regards to the payment of those items.

The board also made it aware that the issue isn't just impacting the school district, but other district's throughout the county.

Simpson tells us he also met with the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners during their closed session on Monday.

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