North Platte railroad worker brings his artistic talent to the makeup room for Seussical the Musical

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- Suessical the Musical is running at the North Platte community theater this weekend and next weekend. The whimsy and spectacle of Dr. Seuss' tales is returning to the North Platte stage after eight years.

While the stage and costume make the pages of the children's tale come to life, the makeup is what brings the characters to life.

Tim Wilcox works down at the rail yard, but has gotten involved as one of the head makeup artists for Seussical. He first got involved as a makeup artist when his cousin noticed his potential.

"[She] had me involved in some of the high school musicals. She asked me to help out and i said, 'well I'll try', I've never done anything like that before. She just realized I had artistic talent and figured I'd be a good person to try it out on. We got some makeup and eventually it just kind of grew from there," Wilcox said.

Wilcox's role is to create the appearance of the "Bird Girls." These characters have brightly colored makeup on their faces imitating the feathers and beaks of a bird. He uses a makeup sponge to brush and dot the actresses faces to create the elegant, rainbow appearance.

When asked about what makes Seussical the musical such an enjoyable show, Wilcox responded, "It brings people back to their childhood. Brings people back to that fantasy life when you were a kid and you really thoroughly enjoyed it."

Maximus Wohler, who plays the Cat in the Hat, gave praise to the accuracy of the set design. "It's just phenomenal, down to the smallest pieces," Wohler said.

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